John-Patrick Driscoll

Citizen of the US and Ireland, resident of LA,
John-Patrick has been seen on screens and stages
large and small, from Little Rock to Cannes. He is
an actor, writer, director, and producer with 4TH
Mountain Entertainment LLC and a proud resident actor
with Titan Theatre Company in Queens, NY. 

NEW YORK:      Andreadis Talent             Alex Stein              212.315.0303
LOS ANGELES: BBA Talent                       Lyle Skosey           818.506.8188
CHICAGO:         Shirley Hamilton             KaCee Hudson      312.787.4700
CHARLOTTE:    Tommi Jones Talent        Thomas Clark        704.488.7709
UTAH:                Stars Talent Agency       Amber Evans          801.201.5885

COMMERCIAL NY: Abrams                      Tracey Goldblum    646.486.4600
COMMERCIAL LA: Bella Agency             Taylor Hensley        323.462.9191


The Blacklist - NBC
with Mary-Louise Parker


Unnecessary Farce - Shadowland Theatre